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  • Close more loans.
  • Create better relationships
  • Increase referrals

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The Mortgage CRM built exclusively for Mortgage Professionals

Whiteboard Mortgage® CRM helps you close more loans, create better relationships, and increase referrals by automatically staying in touch with your contacts, clients, and partners.

Powered by The Mortgage Playbook™, Whiteboard Mortgage® CRM was created with the input from some of the top producing loan officers in the country. It’s completely scalable for one-person offices, to entire teams and offices. Whiteboard's powerful reporting engine lets you see what's working and track your team's success in real-time.

Simply log into Whiteboard daily, complete the auto-generated tasks, and let Whiteboard handle the proactive communication, everything from Leads to a Funded loan campaign is ready to go!

Whiteboard Mortgage® CRM is your day-to-day workflow assistant that allows you to relive your most successful day — everyday.

See Whiteboard in action

“Whiteboard has allowed me to automate the very best version of myself. I don’t have to think about what to do. I simply install the playbook and Whiteboard takes care of the rest.”

Cody Hardridge  /  Loan Officer  /  NMLS 329626

Designed by Top Producers for individual
LO’s, entire teams, and offices.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Pre-built campaigns automatically deliver professionally branded communications to your leads, clients, and referral partners.

Call Prompts with Scripts

Confidently make proactive calls to clients and partners with key contact information and call scripts, right on your screen.

Onboarding and Training

Comprehensive onboarding and training covers everything from getting started to adding contacts, along with live tech support.

Data Security

Whiteboard uses state-of-the-art RSA cryptosystem for public-key encryption to secure all of your private data.

Reports and Analytics

Robust reporting center keeps you informed of new applications, lead conversion results, top referral sources, and more.

Ready Made Templates

Hundreds of battle-tested templates ensure your contacts receive the right message, at the right time, with a personal touch.

Forms and Form Groups

Capture new leads and collect client data with pre-loaded forms or create custom forms with our easy to use form editor.

Daily Tasks

The Dashboard is an engaging, at-a-glance snapshot for you to view critical daily tasks, milestones, and referral sources.

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Whiteboard CRM

Powered by
The Mortgage Playbook

The Mortgage Playbook™ is the key to the Whiteboard Mortgage® CRM. Playbooks are pre-built, automated marketing plans and materials. Created by top producing industry leaders and professionals, our playbooks will help grow your business with campaigns for the entire loan process, refinancing, to birthdays and holidays, to partner marketing and more.

Whiteboard Mortgage® CRM’s comprehensive playbooks include branded emails, call prompts with scripts, and tasks for handwritten notes and gifts. Playbooks can even be customized specifically for your office or team's needs. The Mortgage Playbook™ allows your team to know exactly what is going on and where every part of your business is at any given moment.

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My team is loving it
“Whiteboard paid for itself and much more in 1 day. After sending a Whiteboard email campaign, we received 93 responses and at a minimum we'll refinance 1 of 3. Needless to say my team is loving Whiteboard today!”
Marty Preston

Marty Preston Branch Manager NMLS 20984

The single best investment
“I've probably spent thousands of dollars and I've gone through eight different CRM's - from SalesForce to Top of Mind to Media Center... Hands down, Whiteboard Mortgage® is the single best investment I have made in my mortgage career.”
Denise Donoghue

Denise Donoghue Loan Officer NMLS 513250

My business has quadrupled
“Whiteboard is amazing. Clients notice the communication with little to no work on my end. I’ve had several CRM’s and Whiteboard is almost automatic. It is the easiest to set up and has helped me experience at least a 300% increase.”
Dominic Dangora

Dominic Dangora Loan Officer NMLS 816033

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